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*Canine Spay (female dog)
2-20   lbs – $225
21-40 lbs – $275
41-60 lbs – $325
61-80 lbs – $375
>80 lbs    – $425
Includes: Surgery, Pain Meds with the surgery,
and an Ecollar.



*Canine Neuter (male dog)
2-20 lbs – $150
21-40lbs – $200
41-60lbs – $250
61-80lbs – $300
>80 lbs   – $350

Includes: Surgery, Pain Meds with  the Surgery,
and an Ecollar.



*Neuter (male)
*Spay (female)
Includes: Surgery, Pain Meds with the surgery,
and an Ecollar.


What to expect on Surgery Day

Make sure you are there to drop off and pick up on time. Bring a copy of your pets current Rabies vaccination certificate. If your pet is not current then he/she will be required to be given the rabies vaccine before we begin the surgery. There will be a $15.00 additional charge for this service. You will receive a current Rabies Certificate and Tag when you pick up your pet. Make sure to only feed your pet about 1/3 of the normal morning food portion about an hour before they arrive. There are a few forms that you must read and sign that will be available at drop off. These forms must be completed before surgery is performed.

Thank You

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We would love to have you visit our Facebook page as well as like it so you can be updated when changes occur.  Due to the very high volume of messages we get everyday. We will not be checking and responding to as many messages through Messenger. We would like for all questions to be directed through Email at Summervillepetclinic@gmail.com . We will surely respond to you as quickly as we can. We also have a convenient BOOK NOW button on our facebook page. Its linked through Google Calendars so if you don’t see the Book Now option then you need to sign up for a Google account. Feel free to book your Appointments on here as well. Just click the Book Now button under the correct category and then click the next available to book.