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We do not price match, but all of our products are very competitive with 1-800-petmeds pricing. Any heartworm or flea products not carried at our store are available through our online pharmacy and will be shipped directly to your home, so please ask. There are no additional fees for ordering through our online pharmacy.

Beginning August 1st, 2023: Prescriptions for outside or online pharmacies are available in our office during your pet's in-office visit. At that time, you can fill any available medications with us, we can pre-approve prescriptions via our online pharmacy, or we will provide you with a WRITTEN prescription for you to send in to the pharmacy of your choice. There is a $10 administration fee for any outside prescriptions requested any time other than your pet's in-office visit. This includes online pharmacy approvals. ​ To receive any medications it is required that your pet have an exam by our veterinarian within the last year.

ProHeart 12

Heartworms and Hookworms
1 Injection. 12 Months. No Worries.
For adult dogs 6 months of age and older

0-25lbs    $98
26-50lbs  $118
51-75lbs  $138
76-100lbs  $158

The generic version of Heartgard Plus, Milbehart will keep your dog safe from round, hook, whip and heartworms for 30 days.
6wks or older.
Buy 5 doses and get the 6th dose FREE!

1 month 6 months
2-10lbs $6 $30
11-25lbs $7 $35








1 tablet lasts 3 months with SUPERIOR efficacy against Fleas and Ticks. Also has been shown to work well for Demodex, Scabies, and Lice. Labelled for dogs over 6 month of age.

ALL weight sizes are $69/tablet.

Simpatico Trio
Simparica Trio is a monthly preventative for heartworms, fleas, ticks, round and hook worms. Approved for dogs 2.8pounds and over at least 8 wks of age.
Save $50 when you buy a 6 month supply!
Save $120 when you buy a 12 month supply!

                  1 month 6 months/12months
2.8-5.5lbs         $35 $160/ $300
5.6-11lbs           $35 $160/ $300
11.1-22lbs         $35 $160/ $300
22.1-44lbs        $35 $160/ $300
44.1-88lbs       $35
88.1-132lbs     $35
$160/ $300



$35 Free lifetime registration

Mini microchips are shorter, thinner versions of standard microchips with a smaller needle used to implant the chip. We register the chip immediately.

Ask us about our other microchip options at your pet’s visit.

SimparicaConvenient monthly flea and tick prevention in a chewable tablet.  6 months of age or older and at least 2.8 pounds.
Save $22 when you buy a 6 month supply!

1 month- all weights 6 months- all weights
$25 $128


Parasedge Multi for Dogs

Parasedge Multi is a generic of Advantage Multi and  is a great 3 in 1 product used to prevent Heartworm Disease, Kill Fleas and prevent Infestations as well as treat and control Intestinal  Worms (Adult Hookworms, Roundworms) and earmites.  Starts killing Fleas in 30 minutes. For dogs 8 weeks and older.
Buy 5 doses and get the 6th dose FREE!

All weight ranges-       1 month  $20   6 months  $100